Nothing Biting? Try some Flounder Fishing! Most customers are amazed with the action from these smallish Flounders as they gets bites nearly every time they hit the bottom in about 80 feet of water.

The most abundant and prolific bottom fish in Puget Sound is the Pacific Sand Dab. Sand Dabs are a small Flounder Species also called "Flatfish" that live on the bottom around sandy flats in 40 to 120 feet of water. It's not uncommon to land 50 or even 100 of these fish in one or two hours. When the Flounder bite is ON then as a team we can usually land about one per minute fishing three or four rods.

These Flounder do not get big but they are very plentiful and easy to catch during the warmer months making Sand Dabs an ideal target for kids and adults looking for fast and easy action. There is no minimum size for Sand Dabs and they rarely reach more than 14 inches in length. We have a daily limit of 10 fish per person. Some customers love the mild sweet flaky quality of the meat while others find them small and tedious to eat. Many of our touring customers choose to catch and release these fish while some locals relish eating these small Flounder. The value of Sand Dab is not high and shipping them home may not be worth the cost and effort.

  Typical Table of Sand Dabs